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Last updated 5:53 PM on 9 October 2011

Penshurst West Public School Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) consists of parent representatives, community members and teachers. The membership is representative of the broad school community.

The aim of our P&C group is to contribute to the success of our students and to maximize their full potential as valuable members of the community. In addition, we provide a supportive link between parents and the operations of the school.

To achieve our goals, we are involved in a range of activities including:

  • Fundraising ventures such as discos, trivia nights, cake stalls, raffles and car boot sales
  • Representation on school committees such as Canteen, Uniform & School Council
  • Encouragement of student academic achievements through awards at the Annual School Presentation Evening
  • Financial Support to school programs to develop academic & sporting skills, and

Financial support to purchase teaching aids and up-to-date technology.


Penshurst West Public School has a fully volunteer run school canteen which is open 4 days per week plus a well run uniform shop that caters for all uniform needs.

Due to the efforts of the P&C we can all take pride in a school where learning is fun. Remember all it takes as little as attending the monthly meetings to contribute to the YOUR child's school. At P&C you really find out what is happening and how you can best support your child!

The P&C usually meets on the second Tuesday evening of each month at 7.00pm in the School's Library. All are welcome.